Saturday, November 28, 2015

Copaiba Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner

Back in September I made the decision to slowly weed out the harmful toxins in my life from store-bought products. I quickly got rid of lotions and made my own. Through out all my Philosophy face products that were higher than 5 from the Think Dirty app. (I practically cried!) I was able to successfully make my own. I easily threw out my old shampoo and tried to make my own with no success :-( I ended finding a Lemongrass shampoo at Natural Grocers that I like for now. Then I finally ran out of my old conditioner and replaced it with the Young Living copaiba and vanilla conditioner!

I tried it on my daughter first when she ran out of her detangler.

Homemade Detangler
1 teaspoon - conditioner of choice
10-12 ounces - warm water
1 empty 10-12 ounce bottle

Softly swirl the conditioner and warm water together for several minutes by rotating the bottle 360 degrees fairly slowly the entire time. Every now and then give it a good shake to make sure the conditioner is dissolving.

You could also use a bowl, whisk or fork, and a funnel to dissolve the conditioner and then use the funnel to put it in the bottle. (Too much work for this lazy girl!!)

Smells great and I actually like it better than that store bought crap!


My own personal experience now. The first time I got way too much out. I have extra thick shoulder length hair. I am used to using sever silver dollar sized portions to get my hair fully covered. I used 1 silver dollar potion and wished I could have put half of it back! I hated to waste it!! The bottle with my discount was $22 for a 10oz bottle!! So expensive!!

First Thoughts: my hair was very soft but could get weighed down with this thick conditioner.

The second time I knew to use less but it was still too much.

Third time's a charm!! I used about a nickel size amount with water and spread it all over. Got great coverage in getting all my thickness and still got the soft hair I was looking for without it feeling weighted down! Finally!!

I feel like this 10oz bottle is going to last me forever now that I see I barely need any to make it work!! Hallelujah!! I don't feel like the price is that much any more based on the serving size I require for my desired results.

I will definitely purchase again to keep it in my stock. I will probably buy the shampoo that goes with it since I am not completely happy with my nonYL shampoo.

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