Saturday, November 28, 2015

Copaiba Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner

Back in September I made the decision to slowly weed out the harmful toxins in my life from store-bought products. I quickly got rid of lotions and made my own. Through out all my Philosophy face products that were higher than 5 from the Think Dirty app. (I practically cried!) I was able to successfully make my own. I easily threw out my old shampoo and tried to make my own with no success :-( I ended finding a Lemongrass shampoo at Natural Grocers that I like for now. Then I finally ran out of my old conditioner and replaced it with the Young Living copaiba and vanilla conditioner!

I tried it on my daughter first when she ran out of her detangler.

Homemade Detangler
1 teaspoon - conditioner of choice
10-12 ounces - warm water
1 empty 10-12 ounce bottle

Softly swirl the conditioner and warm water together for several minutes by rotating the bottle 360 degrees fairly slowly the entire time. Every now and then give it a good shake to make sure the conditioner is dissolving.

You could also use a bowl, whisk or fork, and a funnel to dissolve the conditioner and then use the funnel to put it in the bottle. (Too much work for this lazy girl!!)

Smells great and I actually like it better than that store bought crap!


My own personal experience now. The first time I got way too much out. I have extra thick shoulder length hair. I am used to using sever silver dollar sized portions to get my hair fully covered. I used 1 silver dollar potion and wished I could have put half of it back! I hated to waste it!! The bottle with my discount was $22 for a 10oz bottle!! So expensive!!

First Thoughts: my hair was very soft but could get weighed down with this thick conditioner.

The second time I knew to use less but it was still too much.

Third time's a charm!! I used about a nickel size amount with water and spread it all over. Got great coverage in getting all my thickness and still got the soft hair I was looking for without it feeling weighted down! Finally!!

I feel like this 10oz bottle is going to last me forever now that I see I barely need any to make it work!! Hallelujah!! I don't feel like the price is that much any more based on the serving size I require for my desired results.

I will definitely purchase again to keep it in my stock. I will probably buy the shampoo that goes with it since I am not completely happy with my nonYL shampoo.

Monday, November 9, 2015

How I started using essential oils

I started my essential oil (EO) journey in August 2015 when I decided to go to a free class at a local gym that was advertising to learn about essential oils. I learned that EO are made from plants and can have some great benefits to our wellness.

I remember feeling very overwhelmed by all the new information and the only other participant in the class was a new enrollee of the presenter. The enrollee was very annoying and was making me want to leave the longer I stayed, but I stuck it out to make the 5 free rollerballs the presenter was offering. It was only supposed to be 1 rollerball per person. The presenter let both of us make all of them, since 18 people RSVPd for the event. I was excited about the allergy blend for my husband, the focus blend for my daughter and the sunshine in a bottle for myself.

I asked hubby if I could put the allergy blend on his feet at bedtime as instructed to do by the presenter. He allowed. He woke up the next morning not sneezing his head off. I thought to myself, "Wow! I can't believe it worked." The next bedtime I asked to put it on him. He declined. He woke up sneezing his hiney off. I asked to apply the oils to his ears. He declined. A few minutes later (still sneezing) I asked again and took his "NO!" to heart. Ok. Fine. Sneeze your @$$ off and see if I care...Fifteen minutes later still sneezing he says, "Can you put that stuff on me?" Within minutes, he stops.

I was sold on oils!! Even though hubby saw immediate results, he was still not sold. REALLY?? What's it gonna take??

The focus blend I made for my daughter seemed to be working too. She was getting nothing but green smiley faces from her kindergarten teacher and asking for the oil before school. It seemed to make her more aware of her lack of attention. Made and passed on the same blend to my friend in the Boston area since her son was also having trouble focusing. Seems to be working for him too. She said something to the effect of, "He comes home with good notes on the days he wears the focus oil." Yay!!!

For myself, I was excited to try the Sunshine. I am normally a peppy person, so I didn't notice much change if any. I was just wearing it as a new perfume. That's when I started really becoming aware of all the chemical laden products that surrounded me. I threw them all out b/c I couldn't stand the fake fragrances - bathroom spray, candles, face products, and cleaning products.

Allergy Blend
5mL rollerball bottle
10 drops lavender
10 drops lemon
10 drops peppermint
fill rest of bottle with carrier oil (olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil)

Focus Blend
5mL rollerball bottle
10-15 drops peppermint
10-15 drops orange
fill rest of bottle with carrier oil

After trying out these rollerball blends, I was ready to buy my own oils and start sharing all the wonderful goodness that was happening for my family. I contacted a fellow LE wife that I remembered was always posting about oils but that I never really payed attention to. If anyone was going to get my oil business it was going to be a fellow LE wife who really introduced me to oils without giving me any information. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, she sent me a link and I signed up.

I was a little apprehensive since the website was asking for my SSN. I didn't want to sell these oils. I just wanted the package that had several and the diffuser. About five minutes later, I got over it and signed up. Since I got my kit, my story got three of my closest girl friends, my mom, my granny, and my sister-in-law to all buy a kit as well to see if it would work for their families. I also gave out a lot of samples for them to try all the oily goodness!!! It worked for them too. How did I not know about this stuff before? I know the company has been around for twenty years but how could I not know??

Young Living Essential Oils is the company in which I invested $160. It has changed my life, and I will always be grateful! Want some samples? Have some questions? Email meFB message me or Instagram me!

Ready to try YLEO?? Here's the link: CLICK HERE!!.