Friday, August 5, 2011

Almost 1

Where did the time go??? Can't believe my little baby is becoming a toddler!!! Khloe will be 1 on August 18. We did go with the mod monkey theme from b-day express. It's adorable!

Khloe is walking really good. She can take about 10-12 steps without stopping (sometimes) but most of the time she just takes four and falls down to crawl. She claps all the time! It's so cute! Khloe LOVES bath time and playing with her bath toys. She even likes it when I scrub her gums and the 5-6 teeth she has with her Baby Oragel tooth and gum cleaner. Khloe has always been a great baby. She rarely gets fussy unless she has a crowd. She will let anybody who's standing up hold her. She climbs up and onto everything. As I was typing that sentence, she used my leg and the couch to climb onto the couch! Crazy little monkey-girl!

I had to leave for one week for a teacher conference at the end of June. I'm going to take over the AP Studio Drawing and PreAP Drawing/Painting class - eeek! Khloe was so excited to see me when I got home. She crawled into my suitcase and was quite proud of herself! 

Khloe loves playing the kitchen when we are in there cooking or cleaning. Banging cabinet doors is her favorite thing to do! She has 2 drawers and 1 door that she knows are hers. We have plastic stuff, mini pink frying pan, wood spoon, etc in them :-)

Recently Khloe and I took a trip to Denton, Tx to see her Granddad and Nana (B's parents) while
 he went on his annual fishing trip to the coast with the guys. We had so much fun with them, and Khloe made new friends too! I took her to meet her daddy's best friend's family. They just loved each other!! It was great!!
In Denton visiting Granddad and Nana!
In Denton visiting the Ventrca kids!