Thursday, May 26, 2011

8 month and 9 month photos!

Forgot to add these to my post yesterday!
Khloe used to be so easy to photograph. Now all she wants to do is roll around, stand up and just be silly during her monthly milestone pics. I usually get 1 great one and 10 goofy ones. Such a silly, silly girl!
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So many changes

Where to start...Khloe has been crawling since April 1st weekend! It was the army crawl, and it was so cute to watch her use her grip to drag herself across the floor. She started crawling "for real" just a couple of weeks later. Shortly after that she realized she could pull herself up on anything and was even letting go! (She no longer tries to let go, and she taught herself how to sit from standing.)

Khloe has now outgrown her baby bathtub: -( She's not a baby any more *SNIFF SNIFF* but of course she will always be my baby no matter what size she is.

She thinks her play table is meant to be crawled under- no idea where she learned that from? Maybe some toy at the sitter's? ? But it's so cute to watch. There isn't much Khloe does that isn't freakin' adorable! Just sayin' ;-)

Can't believe our first annual visit with "K" is just around the corner. Man, how time flies!!
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