Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another month has come and gone

It seems another month has come and gone before my eyes!! Khloe is almost 7 months old! She just got her first tooth on March 1st! She's been in some pain but still manages to smile and laugh through it. She finally rolled over from her back to her stomach the weekend before she turned 6th months. We were so excited!

Khloe's adoption finalization was Friday, February 25th. What an exciting day for all of the families in court with us finalizing all of our adoptions. Almost all the families there had girls too! Only 1 baby boy, 1 middle school-aged boy and about 9 baby girls!!
Tutu that I made just for Khloe's 6 mo. pics
Adorable bloomers from Aunt KayKay! Geaux Saints!


  1. She is so beautiful and looks so happy! ...not a Saints fan myself but I love those bloomers...too cute!

  2. LOL I'm not a Saints fan either, but I <3 fleur dis les!