Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby's First Halloween

Khloe had a pretty uneventful Happy Halloween at Grandma-ma's. Cousin Kenley, Aunt Amy, Uncle KC and Great Granny Rose came to see us! Khloe decided to wait until we got home and for daddy to leave for work to have a melt-down. It only lasted about 30-45 minutes. Either way, Khloe was super-adorable in her bumble bee costume! Too bad it was too hot to wear it for more than just a few minutes :-(

My Baby Bumble Bee

Khloe & her Grandma-ma

Khloe, Mommy & Daddy
Khloe & Aunt Amy

Khloe & Great-Granny Rose


  1. For the first time in many years, we had fairly nice Halloween weather. It is strange to hear you say it was too hot (it is generally too cold in Chicagoland). Cute bubble-bee!

  2. awww! Such a cute little bumble bee :)

  3. Cutest Bumble Bee ever!!! You are such an adorable family:)

  4. very very very cute bumblebee! I love singing the bumble bee song too....;o)