Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No progress and lots of drama!

K is at the hospital. She was admitted Tuesday afternoon about 3:45/4. They gave her the cervadel around 5:30pm (I think) to begin softening her cervix. Since her didn't make much progress overnight, the doc started her on pitocin @4am. Then the doc broke her water @8:30am today (Wednesday). She's supposed to get checked again at 10:30.

We are waiting patiently in our hotel room for now :-) OMG We had such a freakin' fiasco last night trying to get a room at the LaQuinta near K's hospital. First, the girl gives us room 400. We spend 10 minutes trying to get the AC to work which never happened. We haul our crap back down to the lobby, and she gives us room 315. Guess what??? Room 315 was ocupado by other guests!! Are you serious, dumb front desk girl??? If she hadn't been flirting with the nasty greaser guest, maybe she wouldn't have put us in an occupied room!!! Anywho, we all our $h*t once again back down to the lobby after yelling "Sorry!" to the current occupant of 315. She decides to upgrade us to a suite for the inconvenience. OK. Not bad, right? WRONG!! I woke up and saw the bill under the door. Guess what dumb front desk girl did??? She did not upgrade us for free!!! We were charged full price for the suite!!! OMG I was H-O-T!!! Luckily my amazing husband worked it out, and we paid the state rate that we were supposed to get for a regular room! Shew!!

Going to spend the rest of the day with K and her mom J at the hospital. Please pray for K and Miss Khloe!!!


  1. Praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby! Thinking of you!!

  2. Praying for you all! I hope you get to meet baby K soon!