Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's in a name?

I would have posted this earlier, but I was waiting to hear back from K to make sure she liked the baby name before posting. She said she loved it! Yay! I was so scared she would hate it. You'll see why...

At our face-to-face lunch, our case worker CW brings up the question to us if we have any names picked out. I was really hoping CW or K would not bring up this topic b/c I felt like it was too soon. I told her that my favorite name was Blakely but that B hated it b/c he says it sounds like some snobby parents' kid's name. Told her we also liked the name Brinley but sounded too much like my niece's name Kenley. We told her we also liked the name Khloe. K commented back that she really liked Khloe and had thought about using it to give the baby a name. K also said something happened in her life (we assume a death of a family member) which led her to calling the baby June. I made the comment about how cute Khloe June was and that I really liked the initials K.J. I told K we would try to incorporate/consider using June in the name but that I also really wanted to use my middle name (Lynn) too.

 Later that night, we decided that Khloe was our favorite name. My name starts with K, and our BM's name starts with K. It just made since to me to go with Khloe. Deciding on a middle name would take a whole 'nother night.

The next night B and I were sitting at our dining room table for dinner (for the first time) when I mentioned that I really liked the initials KJ b/c B's dad loves to call kids by their initials. Not many letters go with K. I didn't want KD or KT b/c I don't want ppl to think her name is Katie - not that there's anything wrong with Katie b/c there's not. It's just not the name I want :-) Anywho, coming up with a J name to go with Khloe was a bit of a challenge. My cousin Mac's middle name is Jae, and I love that name. B wanted to spell it Jaye - don't ask b/c I have no idea. So, I was fine with the interesting spelling Then, I got the idea to combine the J from June and my middle name. I came up with J-Lynn but needed a way to spell it. Mommy Dearest's name is Janet Lynn, so J-Lynn would have a double meaning. We decided on Jaelyn b/c Jaelynn seemed too long. We are pronouncing it j-len b/c saying jae-lynn just didn't sound right. There you go: Khloe Jaelyn.


  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog!!! I LOVE reading other people's blogs about adoption and/or infertility. I am excited to read about Khloe's adoption process. I LOVE the name you picked and how it has so much meaning behind it. It will be a great story for the baby book!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love the name, and I love the meaning behind it:)