Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting Crafty!

So I asked for a sewing machine a few Christmases ago. I'm made a few things, but I want to make dresses for Khloe so bad! I've found awesome sewing and craft blogs which are very inspirational. I have very good intentions of making cute dresses but will I ever actually make this stuff? Oh yeah, my nurse friend Amber has taken me to Canton (a crafter's dream!) a few times. The website doesn't do it justice at all. It's kinda like Etsy in person.  I spend more time taking pictures of everybody's stuff than buying them! I have a hard time buying stuff that I know I can make myself. 
I got the idea for this painting in Canton by an amazing artist. Don't know her name though. 

This is in my kitchen :-)

 New artwork for friend Kimberly V's daughter Whitley. I'm going to paint a cross w/heart on top.

 Something else I've made that I'm really proud of is my Love shorts inspired by a very expensive pair that Amber bought at a fashion party. Amber is great shopping buddy, if you couldn't tell. She came over yesterday to hang out. I wasn't supposed to buy anything b/c I went shopping the day before. I didn't spend THAT much ;-) No really. I didn't. Tell them, Amber!! Anywho, one of our stops was the fabric store. I'm going to finish a dress that Amber bought at Old N. using the same technique as the Love shorts. It's an idea we got in Canton of course! 

I told her NOT to buy that $50 dress b/c I could SOOOO make that for her if she just bought the fabric! Her fabric only cost a few dollars!! Now, I just need to find a template of a cross (which won't be hard at all), and we'll be in business! Before I can actually sew her design on her dress, I need to practice some more. Since the Love shorts were my first experiment w/that technique, I made a few errors :-) 

I'm making a patch for myself. It's not as complicated as the Canton dress, just has the same concept :-) Not sure where I'm going to put it. Hopefully my craft friends can give me some suggestions!! That is, if it turns out descent :-)

Future Projects!
The Long Thread: Ellen shares lots of sewing and craft ideas. I especially love her Summer Dress idea! Looks easy enough! We'll see :-)

Fave Crafts Twirl Dress (very advanced - may be a few years before I try it :-) They have tutorials of everything-under-the-sun regarding crafts!

Prudent Baby: Jacinda and Jaime have TONS of stuff on their site!  Crafts, sewing projects, recipes, etc! So glad I found them on The Long Thread! I especially love Prudent Baby's Pillowcase Dress idea!! I plan to make this one very soon. I even bought several colors of ribbon just for it!

Betz White: Shoe bag tutorial!! Had a friend that paid $10 or more for these @ a shoe store. No thanks! I'll make my own! I know I'll actually do this one b/c it looks so easy, and they make great gifts!!

Hope Studios: Jennifer Juniper has lots of great sewing projects! Love her ideas, especially the Scrunchy Gathered Scarfs!!

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  1. I have a sewing machine too that I got for my birthday a few years ago, but I have yet learn to sew:( Good luck on your crafting, I'm sure you're a natural though, being an art teacher!!