Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I call my dogs puppies even though they are not. Here's a pic of my sweet Maxipooh asleep in the clothes basket at the old house and sleeping on my chest while we didn't have furniture in the old house.

The puppies are really enjoying their new house! This was while the painting was still happening.

This was after the painting was over. Shhh! Don't tell their daddy they were temporarily in the bedroom!! ;-)

This was was taken while we were waiting on B to come out of Home Depot. I have the best puppies ever! They are doing a good job of keeping me thin b/c we don't have a fence yet. I have to put their leashes on and walk them around the neighborhood ever 4 hours or whenever I get around to it for potty breaks!!


  1. Aww...they are so adorable! I'm glad you are enjoying your new house!

  2. My dogs (8 and 1 1/2) will always be our puppies and our very first babies. They are both spoiled rotten. I love the pictures.