Thursday, June 10, 2010

Field Trip 2010 RJH 6th Grade

Normally, I go with the 8th grader on their field trip since my homeroom class is 8th grade. This year I really wanted to go skating and to the zoo. I sucked up to secretary Lori ;-) pulled a few strings to switch. Also, our closing date ending up being the same date at the 8th grade trip, so I couldn't have gone on that one anyway. Anywho...we got to pick our own groups. I had the best group ever!!

My group was crackin' me up! I had a lot more kids than this, but these were the brave soldiers that would agree to take a picture with me :-) We had so much fun. At one point, we decided to see what the Nature Trail was all about. The damn thing brought us back to the beginning of the zoo!! We had to go all the way back through the nature trail. The NT didn't even have anything interesting to see! What a freakin' waste of time!! When we got out of the NT, we ran into another group from our school. We were telling them how much fun and how cool the NT was, and they should definitely go down it. LOL. They didn't listen, but it was funny.

This poor tortoise was having bad rumors spread about him by some know-it-all kid from our school. The kid said turtles don't  lay with their heads out unless they are dead. Mrs. B to the rescue to prove the kid wrong! I pointed how to him that the tortoise was blinking and perfectly fine. :-P

No pictures from the skating rink, but I busted the place up! ;-) I have been skating for over 23 years. I blew the kids' minds by skating fast and BACKWARDS!  A lot of them were calling me a showoff. Ha ha! It was so much fun though. Good times...good times.

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