Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Due date and Sonogram


Since we found out about K, we've always known that there could be two possible birth fathers BF. We've always been told, one is going to sign and one refuses. When a BF refuses to sign relinquishment papers, the baby is placed in the agency's transitional care program for 31 days to give the BF the chance to claim the baby (or something like that). Because of the situation, we've always thought we would have one extra month after Baby is born to prepare. K is due Aug 14. That means, I will have the chance to start school (which could be a new school if I get something closer to our new house) and have a chance to establish the school year before taking care of the little one. Yesterday (Tue, June 15) we found out that BF "D" the one who refused to sign, actually SIGNED the papers. HOLY CRAP!!! This means, we would be getting the baby shortly after birth and no time to start the school year b/c I would be on maternity leave. EEEEK! That ruins everything we had planned!!! On our way to lunch, case worker CW called to say BF "A" just signed his papers as well! OMG!!!!! This is nearly a done deal!!! Oh yes, to top things off, K tells us her doc says she's due Aug 11 not the 14th. The 14th was the date K and Mom came up with. Have I said HOLY CRAP yet???


I didn't get a picture to bring home, but K says she will get me copies. I thought I was going to miss the appointment b/c I got caught in two areas of horrendous traffic! I usually never get caught in traffic, but it seemed like everything was stacked against me to get to the appointment on-time! Luckily K was running a little behind too. Shew! As I was walking into one entrance, since I had no clue as to where was I was going, I happen to look around and saw K walking into another entrance! I caught up with her and her group. Since she lives in the dorm at the agency, the child birth coordinator CBC was with her as well as another dorm girl R. They both had sonogram appointments. The doctor's office was running 45 minutes behind, so K, R, R's boyfriend, the CBC and me sat in the lobby chit- chatting.

When it was finally K's turn to go back, we were only back there for about 5 minutes! Tops! It went by way too fast. The guy doing the sonograms didn't seem to enjoy his job very much. He made it seem more like a chore - very insensitive and not very personable :-( He measured the brain, said it was normal. Showed us the baby's thigh bone, said it was normal. Showed us the heartbeat and played it out loud - that was the most awesome part! 133 bpm - normal. Showed us the baby's privates to reassure us it was still a girl! Yay! Still a girl!! I'm pretty married to the idea of us having a girl.

Our group walked out together, and I gave a K a big warm hug. I thanked her again for the invite and how much it meant to me to be able to share this moment with her. We made plans to meet again soon b/c Mom still wants to meet us. We want to meet her as well.

After I got home and cooked dinner, I got B to sit with me at our new dining room table for the first time where we finally decided on a middle name!! We aren't ready to share our baby name just yet. I will share it soon enough! However, I will say her initials are K. J. B.


  1. I am SO excited for you guys! You are going to be fabulous parents...what a lucky baby girl! :-)

  2. Wow, this is so exciting! It brought tears to my eyes:)