Monday, June 14, 2010

Beginnings of a Nursery

Mommy Dearest came over this weekend to help me move the crib and set up the nursery. It never even occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to get it through the door of the room in which it was assembled. Grrrr! I spend 2 days putting that thing together! Anywho, we got it put back together no problem except I kinda nicked the crap out of a changing table drawer - oops! - while swinging an end to the crib around. Mommy Dearest was freaking out, but I was like, "Whatever. It's fine." Now if Mommy Dearest had nicked the crap outta my changing table, then I would be upset. She didn't. I did. Oh well! What can be done about it besides nothing? No need to cry or worry about it. (Cute monkey is from Mommy and Daddy (me and B). We bought it at MGM in Vegas on our last trip for a while ;-)

Then we spent 30 minutes trying to figure out where the best location of the changing table b/c we both agreed the crib should be on the left side of the room. For some reason the crib being on the left felt like better feng shui than being on the right. I get OCD about things that don't feel right. The crib possibly needing to go on the right did not feel right! We worked it out though. I really wanted the changing table under the window, but the rocker/ottoman did not allow that :-( It was way bigger than we though!

We put the rocker/ottoman together (gift from Mommy Dearest). It's so comfy. I look forward to rocking my baby in it!! We put the playpen together last (gift from MIL and FIL along with Diaper Genie and soothing sounds thingy in the corner of crib). The directions were horrible, but luckily Mommy Dearest figured out where everything went. It even came with little puppies that hang from the canopy of the bassinet! I had no idea it had puppies! I think I was more excited about the puppies than the actual playpen. I love little details (I guess that's the Tori Spelling in me ;-) like that. The playpen also has an attached changing table. Should come in handy!!

Danielle sent me the fab basket of stuff on the ottoman and the froggy and soft blankie on the crib. Thanks again Danielle! You are so sweet!!! I made the little box with the "B" on it in the windowsill. My kids (students) were very impressed by my box, but all I saw were the imperfections of course. There's the giraffe I bought a while back. The first gift I bought for our baby. The book on the rocker is our profile book that the BMs get to look at. This is our copy for the baby.

Enjoy the pics! Still deciding where to put the 3 animal paintings...


  1. OMG!!! How exciting! Doing the nursery was so much fun for us... Glad you're enjoying it!!

  2. SUPER CUTE!!!!!!! & I L-O-V-E those animal paintings....adorable!

  3. I've got a stain pen that might help for the changing table nick... Also, I've got some goodies that I've been collecting along the way...

  4. VERY cute! I will love to see it in person, with a baby inside of course.;o)

  5. Very nice's definitely a great feeling working on the nursery knowing that one day it will be filled. I know that it was my highlight.