Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saying no is hard to do

I received a call from the SW Tuesday afternoon. I figured it was a "just checking on you" call, but she called me to talk about birth mom "M." SW told me some things about "M" that were not very good. I don't really want to go into her issues. We wanted to say yes b/c it seems wrong to say no to a baby that needs a home. I knew in my heart it was not our baby. It was hard to write the SW an email saying we did not feel comfortable sending our book to "M." The good thing about the situation is that the SW picked us instead of "M" having to find us online herself. That made me and B feel really good that the SW is FINALLY advocating for us! Just wanted to give everyone an update...


  1. We have had several of these situations since January of this year...seems to happen at our agency after being there a year. I am sorry...I know how hard it is.

    I am happy that you decided to blog about it because I was feeling like this only happens to us. Are we looking for a perfect situation? No, but we are looking for the right one.

    Some of the conditions that are out there are so very difficult. Keep your head up!

  2. I'm sure it was very hard to decline this opportunity but I'm glad you did because if you have doubts, it only means that this sweet baby isn't mean for you. If you adopted this baby, you might miss out on the amazing baby who was really meant to be yours.


  3. I know this must have been hard, but I agree if you feel it's a no in your head then it's def a no in your heart. God does not want to give you a baby that you don't feel that you can tend to all of its needs, whatever those may be. Praying your baby finds you soon!