Monday, May 10, 2010

Painting party anyone?

I'm excited to say we are FINALLY closing next Monday! I've already bought new bedding and accessories for the master and guest room. We FINALLY purchased our baby crib with a matching changing table. The crib came with a free matress - woohoo! Go Wal-Mart! I'm ready to put them together and set up the nursery in the new house.

So we thought we were going to have the handy man paint the house b/c the seller did a shotty job. After seeing it was going to cost $3000 f-ing dollars, we changed our minds! Ridonculous!!! We are now doing it ourselves one room at a time. Anyone want to come to a painting party? LOL

Nothing to update on the adoption. Haven't heard from SW since mid April. We should be getting an update call soon, but I'll gladly take a call from SW about a birth mom! *Keeping fingers crossed and praying constantly!

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  1. Congratulations on the house! That is wonderful news. I am praying that you get a phone call soon about a birth mom and that the nursery does not stay empty for long. By the way Walmart is wonderful for baby items. Many of our items came from there as well. Good luck!