Friday, April 2, 2010

slippery when wet!

i got to finish my infant care class today with Baby A instead of Baby B. Baby A is only 4 weeks old instead of 3 mo like Baby B. Baby A was such a good baby to practice on. i got to bathe her, feed her, and snuggle with her. it was the best day ever! the bath was soooo hard! i don't know how you moms do it! i'm sure you get used to it and figure out what works but geez! that was one of the hardest things i've ever done. amber pretty much had to hold her up for me while i did the bathing. when i was trying to hold her myself and bathe her, she just keeping slipping. the funnies part was when her mom told me to hold her up, shake her off and be careful b/c she would be slippery like a wet turkey. i was so scared she was going to just slip through my hands. luckily everyone make it through ok :-) i made it through the bath, and then it was on to powdering and lotioning. i pretty much got baby powder everywhere except the baby. lol just kidding but it did seem to go into more places than just the diaper area. Baby A does not like to have lotion on her upper body. i started with her feet and legs, and when i got to her shoulders and chest, she got pretty ticked at me. then i couldn't figure out how to get her onesie over her head. amber had to help me with that too. then Baby A's mom gave us a lesson in swaddling. the hubs actually practiced that one! he did a good job! i can't believe how fast Baby A stopped crying after being swaddled. it's like a miracle worker! then on to feeding! thank goodness i was a pro at feeding and burping! and she was so easy to put to sleep. i just had her up by my neck, and she was snuggling me. it was heaven. i can't wait to have precious moments like that with Baby Bernstein.


  1. My my goodness, bathing a baby was so scary the first time. How lucky that you get to practice! My hubs and I were just laughing about how silly we were during that first bath...we were sweating and clumsy!

  2. How neat that they let you practice on a live baby. We took an infant care class and just had a doll. ;) I think my husband might have left if they had handed him a live infant!