Friday, April 16, 2010

House new and Adoption News

THEY ACCEPTED OUR OFFER!! Now we just have to work out some inspection issues with the AC, and it'll be all ours on May 28!!!! I'm so ready to start painting and decorating - finally!!

I would have posted this a few days ago but the house stuff has us quit busy.

We were one in four couples that "M" was looking at to place her baby with. She already had the baby (Apr 8) and named her. We were told up front there was only a 50% chance of her placing. We were super-excited Thursday about possibly being instant parents. For some reason today, my feelings of excitement and being overwhelmed were gone. My students were SOOOO eager to find out if we were getting the baby. They were so adorable about it. CW finally called at 4:25 to say "M" got her baby from the foster family late Thursday night and went back to Florida. "M" had us answering some TOUGH questions. We plowed through them and emailed them back to CW. CW said she really liked/connected with our answers - I think that's what she gets paid to say, so we don't feel bad for not being selected. At least some adoption stuff happened in April b/c I was getting pretty down about not having any action since beginning of March. My spirits are up again and with the house stuff distracting me I'm doing much better. Don't be sad for us. We know it was not meant to be :-)


  1. The house is beautiful! I bet it feels good to know you were in the running and considered regardless if she chose you or not! You are right, this wasn't the baby that was meant for you!

  2. Cute house...I laughed about the front walk; we also have had some strange things in the homes we have bought. We call them homes with character!

    Sorry to hear the situation didn't work out. Those calls are never easy to get, but you do move on. You are is just not meant to be.