Sunday, April 25, 2010

Closing May 17

The seller finally agreed to fixing all the AC problems by putting the money in escrow. She thinks we might "play" with the money instead of using it to fix the problem. Whatever lady! Like we would go through the trouble of asking her to fix it just to jack around with the money. Some people! We close on Monday, May 17th. I am sad to say that I was not super-excited when I heard we FINALLY got the house. By the time the seller finally stopped "dragging her feet" about the whole ordeal, I was over it and had moved on to bigger and better things. I ended up falling in love with two other houses while the seller was see-sawing on what she wanted to do. I got over it by the next day. Saturday we went shopping and bought new bedding for our room and guest room. I still need curtains for all rooms, dining room table w/chairs, and tv stand. I've been selling our old stuff on Craig's List. It's been working out OK. Could be better if we lived in a more metropolitan area. I've tried to pack, but there's nothing to pack b/c we use everything! Hmmm...

My besties from college are coming to visit and help me organize stuff. Can't wait!

No adoption new to update on. Could this week be the week we hear about our birth mom?


  1. can't wait either! see you Saturday! YAY to the house!!!!!!:oD

  2. PS Hope you're the mood to be a minimalist...I've totally been in the mood to get rid of EVERYTHING not used, lately MORE than usual. heehee:o)

  3. 優質的好部落格,需要大家的支持! ........................................