Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Impressed

I rarely write about my classroom or my students, but my 7th period 6th grade art students deserve a little shout out...

I was running late to 7th period (21 - 6th graders). I just knew they were going to be running around the room and going hog wild b/c I was late. I WAS SO WRONG!!! They were sitting quietly. They had their work on their desks ready to go. I was SOOOO impressed! I couldn't believe it. Not much shocks me these days, and I was SHOCKED! I told them how proud I was of them and what a great class they were. I feel like a proud mamma!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Closing May 17

The seller finally agreed to fixing all the AC problems by putting the money in escrow. She thinks we might "play" with the money instead of using it to fix the problem. Whatever lady! Like we would go through the trouble of asking her to fix it just to jack around with the money. Some people! We close on Monday, May 17th. I am sad to say that I was not super-excited when I heard we FINALLY got the house. By the time the seller finally stopped "dragging her feet" about the whole ordeal, I was over it and had moved on to bigger and better things. I ended up falling in love with two other houses while the seller was see-sawing on what she wanted to do. I got over it by the next day. Saturday we went shopping and bought new bedding for our room and guest room. I still need curtains for all rooms, dining room table w/chairs, and tv stand. I've been selling our old stuff on Craig's List. It's been working out OK. Could be better if we lived in a more metropolitan area. I've tried to pack, but there's nothing to pack b/c we use everything! Hmmm...

My besties from college are coming to visit and help me organize stuff. Can't wait!

No adoption new to update on. Could this week be the week we hear about our birth mom?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

More house stuff

Tomorrow will probably be the deciding day of whether or not the AC and duct work is an issue. If it is an issue, then we have to deal with the seller again and get her to do her part of getting it fixed or helping us get it fixed. If only finalizing this deal were as easy as us picking the place!!! If the AC/duct work is not a major issue, we are moving forward with the contract!! Please keep your fingers crossed that it's not a big deal b/c we really want this house!

Friday, April 16, 2010

House new and Adoption News

THEY ACCEPTED OUR OFFER!! Now we just have to work out some inspection issues with the AC, and it'll be all ours on May 28!!!! I'm so ready to start painting and decorating - finally!!

I would have posted this a few days ago but the house stuff has us quit busy.

We were one in four couples that "M" was looking at to place her baby with. She already had the baby (Apr 8) and named her. We were told up front there was only a 50% chance of her placing. We were super-excited Thursday about possibly being instant parents. For some reason today, my feelings of excitement and being overwhelmed were gone. My students were SOOOO eager to find out if we were getting the baby. They were so adorable about it. CW finally called at 4:25 to say "M" got her baby from the foster family late Thursday night and went back to Florida. "M" had us answering some TOUGH questions. We plowed through them and emailed them back to CW. CW said she really liked/connected with our answers - I think that's what she gets paid to say, so we don't feel bad for not being selected. At least some adoption stuff happened in April b/c I was getting pretty down about not having any action since beginning of March. My spirits are up again and with the house stuff distracting me I'm doing much better. Don't be sad for us. We know it was not meant to be :-)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Putting in an offer

B and I spent most of Sunday and part of Monday looking for a home to buy. We've been wanting to be home owners since we were married almost 5 years ago! Our dreams are finally becoming a reality!! We put in an offer, the seller countered, we countered and now we are waiting to hear back. The waiting is so painful!!! At least it has taken my mind off the adoption stuff for a short while...

I know you are probably wondering why the walkway stops half-way out into the yard...the answer actually came to me at 2am Monday morning. I think it is b/c the owners were going to put in a circle drive (14 years ago) and never did. It makes sense to me anyway :-)

Thanks to MIL and FIL for helping us!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Need help with blogger please!

I don't understand why people can't see my "Links" when they click on my picture from someone else's blog?? I have everything set to public. Some people I follow, I can see their "About me" info, their links and the blogs they follow. Why won't my info show up?? Anybody have a clue???


Friday, April 2, 2010

slippery when wet!

i got to finish my infant care class today with Baby A instead of Baby B. Baby A is only 4 weeks old instead of 3 mo like Baby B. Baby A was such a good baby to practice on. i got to bathe her, feed her, and snuggle with her. it was the best day ever! the bath was soooo hard! i don't know how you moms do it! i'm sure you get used to it and figure out what works but geez! that was one of the hardest things i've ever done. amber pretty much had to hold her up for me while i did the bathing. when i was trying to hold her myself and bathe her, she just keeping slipping. the funnies part was when her mom told me to hold her up, shake her off and be careful b/c she would be slippery like a wet turkey. i was so scared she was going to just slip through my hands. luckily everyone make it through ok :-) i made it through the bath, and then it was on to powdering and lotioning. i pretty much got baby powder everywhere except the baby. lol just kidding but it did seem to go into more places than just the diaper area. Baby A does not like to have lotion on her upper body. i started with her feet and legs, and when i got to her shoulders and chest, she got pretty ticked at me. then i couldn't figure out how to get her onesie over her head. amber had to help me with that too. then Baby A's mom gave us a lesson in swaddling. the hubs actually practiced that one! he did a good job! i can't believe how fast Baby A stopped crying after being swaddled. it's like a miracle worker! then on to feeding! thank goodness i was a pro at feeding and burping! and she was so easy to put to sleep. i just had her up by my neck, and she was snuggling me. it was heaven. i can't wait to have precious moments like that with Baby Bernstein.