Friday, March 19, 2010

Waiting and waiting and waiting

Before I get to what's not happening in the baby process, I just wanted to write a quick paragraph about Vegas. B and I had sooo much fun. Our hotel was great (Flamingo) and soooo glad we decided to upgrade to the nicer room!! We had a gorgous view of the Bellagio and Paris! The Cirque de Sole show - Mystere was AMAZING!!!! The Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon were good day trips. Overall, we had the ultimate Vegas experience!! Thank you!!

OK. On to non-baby news...It's been over two weeks that we found out "J" wanted to see our profile book. We haven't heard a lick!!! While we were gone to Vegas, B and I talked about it and how excited we were to finally get our book out. We were distracted with vacationing. We got home and knew there hadn't been enough time for a decision to be made, and I was still chill about the situation.

Spring Break came and went, and I went back to work. I was driving myself bonkers on Monday and Tuesday!! I was checking my phone about ever 10 minutes when normally I don't even keep my phone out. I was checking my email everytime I checked my phone. I was beyond obsessed with hoping for an answer from "J."

I've said from the beginning that I don't really care if she doesn't pick us b/c our book will go out again. Our baby will be out there eventually. By today (Friday), I only checked my phone and email about 5 times. Thank goodness our CW will be back from vacation on Monday. I don't really feel comfortable contacting a CW I don't know. I did email the temporary CW one day to make sure she knew that we wanted to know either way. She assured me she would notify me as soon as she found anything out.

The more I think about it I realize that "J" probably didn't get the profile books until 4-7 days after we were contacted. It's possible she's only had the books for a week which is not really that long for her to have them without a decision. It just seems so long to me b/c we've known since Thursday two weeks ago!

I'm trying not to worry about it b/c this may not be our baby. I keep daydreaming about the phone call I'll get from the CW to say we've been chosen. Then I remind  myself to chill out and to not get my hopes up. Of course, I have hope, lots of hope, but I'm not keep all of my eggs in one basket. 


  1. Don't worry. It's good you know that if J doesn't pick you someone else will. Your baby will come. Trust, relax and let go. All in God's timing.

  2. I can't even imagine how hard this waiting must be. Even if this doesn't turn out to be your baby, your baby will come! I hope you are able to find some peace and like you said "chill.":)