Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paintings all done!

My mom claims that she never got an email from me about this blog. I have proof in my Sent box that shows I did include her back in JUNE to let everyone know about my blog.

 Anywho, she has only seen the giraffe painting I did. I wanted her to see the other two. I'm posting all 3 just for you Mommy Dearest!

Me and my mom have this running joke about that movie Mommy Dearest. We used to watch it all the time when I was little. When I went to college (1999-2004), we would email each other as Mommy Dearest or Kristina Darling. We still do, which is really funny. We make the emails really formal as if we were the characters from the movie. It's silly, but we enjoy it :-)


  1. "No wire hangers in the closet!!!!" LOL That's a line from the movie my mom and I used to joke about. She hated wire hangers and if she found one in my closet she would scream that line just like in the movie and laugh...

    Beautiful paintings!

  2. Those are absolutely fabulous! Great work Kristina Darling!

  3. LOL RN Mama you are too funny! Glad I found you!!

  4. These paintings are just darling! Having someone look at your book is exciting!! I'm praying for you and "J". See ya soon--I'm helping out at the St. Pat's Day luncheon. : )

  5. Thanks Kathleen! Can't wait to see you!!