Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby Registry Drama!!

My goodness there is WAY too much baby stuff out there!!! Even though we still have no idea if we are going to be chosen by "J," I figured we better go ahead and put some things on a registry. If "J" chooses us, she'll be due May 15 which would not leave us much time to get things together. I put the due date as July 1 b/c I don't want to assume she's picking us and b/c I can change it with the click of a few buttons! I was doing fine while we were in Vegas and not really dwelling on if we were gonna get picked or not. Now, I'm driving myself nuts b/c we are almost going on two weeks! OK back to baby registry stuff...

My in-laws told me a while back that they had a lot of American Express points and wanted us to use them to get baby stuff. I emailed MIL to let her know I finally decided on the Graco Snugride 32 in Zurich. Then, MIL wrote back to say there were still lots of points left and to pick out something else. I was torn b/t the matching stroller or matching pack 'n play. I decided on the pack 'n play. Then MIL wrote back again to say there were still points left b/c apparently AmEx was giving discounts on the points required to purchase rewards. Yah for us! I also asked for the Fisher Price Soothing Rainforest something-or-other and Diaper Genie II Elite. I didn't plan to register for the DG b/c it seemed like such a luxury item and not a necessity. I'm glad she suggested it. Wal-Mart's website shows a demo video of the DG which made me really excited about it.

Friday afternoon I decided to venture to Target on my own with a list of suggested registry stuff. I spent an hour there and got the basics - bottles, pacifiers, spoons, bowls. Nothing eventful happened, but I was concerned about registering there b/c of friend comments on Facebook. Apparently, Target has a very strict and limited return policy. Several people were discouraging me from registering there, but I don't have a Babies 'R Us nearby. I know, I know. I can register online. However, not EVERYBODY likes to shop online or register solely online.  I really wanted to register for things that were at the store and not just available online.

Anywho...Now for the DRAMA!!

Saturday I talked my mom into coming with me to Wal-Mart to register for other stuff. First of all, the bee-otch at the jewelry counter was so wretched and hateful!!! Here's the conversation:

Me:Hi! I am needing to update my registry with you guys.
The Bee-otch: We only have 1 scanner, and it's already out.
Me: OK. What do I need to do when it becomes available?
The B: You need to go to the machine and type in your name and (mumble...mumble) [I have no idea what she said. I just tried to guess.]
Me: OK. Thanks.

A few minutes later...

Me: So, can you call me when the other person returns the scanner?
The B: She just took it. I don't know when it's gonna be returned.
Me: OK. So like can you put my name on a piece of paper and call me over the intercom b/c I have other stuff I need to do here at Wal-Mart. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.
The B: If that's what you want to do.
Me: Yes. That's what I want to do (wretched woman)!!!!

About 45-50 min later, mom and I end up in the baby section and spot the girl with the one and only scanner! I stalk her back to the jewelry counter as she turns in it. They call my name, and I approach the wretched woman.

(in her normal rude voice) The B: Yes??
Me: Uh, I'm Kristi.
The B: Oh yeah. I forgot. Scan the actual item not the barcode on the front. Scan the actual item. If you want more than one of something, scan it again.
Me: (Whatever lady.) OK. Thanks.

You do NOT have to scan the actual item and there is a + and - by the quantity for a reason!! DUH!! I wanted to give her a lesson in how to register. I finally registered for everything else I needed and headed back to the unfortunate presence of the jewelry county lady. I went ahead and hit the QUIT button b/c that's what you do at Target when you are finished.

Me: I hit the Quit button. Is that right?
The B: Uh, no! But I guess it's OK.
Me: Well...OK. Thanks.

Ugh!! Thank God that experience was over!!!!!!! That lady should not be dealing with customers. My mom had to deal with the SAME woman back in October when my mom was just trying to get a watch battery changed. That's a whole different post!! She was a total B then, and she's still a total B today!! Any of you had horrible experiences with rude workers??

One great thing did come of the Wal-Mart registry. My mommy bought me a glider and matching ottoman!! Can't wait to put it together!!


  1. Oh the registry... Fun! Yes, I've had my share of close encounters with people just like that - at Babies R' Us. And I love the store. No customer service. I think of it as self-service... :o|

  2. Oh, Kristina Darling! That's terrible that you had to deal with that biatch. I think all Walmart workers hate their job, I'm just sayin. Btw, you should definitely get the stroller to match your car seat!