Sunday, March 28, 2010

Infant Care Class update

So today was our infant care class put on by lovely friend Amber. She did a great job giving us the basic info we will need when we first become parents. Unfortunately, the baby we were practicing with was having a very unhappy day. I got to hold her for about 5 seconds at first before she started screaming. We decided to let the baby nap while B and I went to lunch. When we came back Baby B was doing much better and needed a diaper changed. Guess who had to do it?? Me! Luckily it wasn't a nasty one! If I had been by myself, I'm sure I would have been fine. I felt like I was under a microscope with Amber, her mom, and her sister all watching me. I felt like I'd never changed a diaper before. I guess I did good b/c no body said anything - just felt weird being watched by so many people who do this task way more than I do! When I was in junior high babysitting all the time, I was a pro at changing diapers! But golly jeepers that was 14 years ago!!! We didn't get to practice swaddling or the bath, so Amber's mom is going to let us come over Friday (when she gets Baby B again) to learn how.

Parenting is so much like being a teacher. No amount of preparation will truly get you ready until you are there doing it for yourself and figuring things out on your own and in your own way. We are grateful for the practice though!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Infant Care Class

So, like, we can't be placed with a baby until we are CPR/First Aid certified and have taken an infant care class. No one in the Central Texas area offers this class anymore!! One hospital offers it 4 times a year! Of course, we missed the Feb class, and next one isn't till Aug!!! I started thinking which isn't always a good thing. I tend to have Lucy and Ethel type moments when I start thinking. I thought I'd give the CW a buzz and ask if a nurse (aka - BFF Amber) could just go over what we need to know. She basically said - whatever you need to do to get the information - they aren't picky. Hip hip hooray!!! BFF Amber is a labor and delivery nurse who's at home doing nothing at the moment due to an incidental home injury ;-)!!! Amber is now working on getting some info together for our impromptu infant care class to be held Saturday evening at her residence. She's even going so far as to have a live baby there for us to practice. (Thanks Amber's cousin who doesn't know!!) :-) Love you, Amber!!

...and still waiting for Uncle Spanky to see what's going on with our CPR/First Aid cards that should have been here weeks ago!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The long wait is finally over...

You thought I meant for a baby? No, I'm talking about the nearly 3 weeks we've been waiting to find out if "J" was going to pick us or not. We'll for all my avid readers who are dying to find out...She did not. I think we were a close 2nd though! 2nd place=1st loser ;-) j/k

My heart completely hit the floor when CW told me on the phone this afternoon. I faked the emotions of what I was really feeling inside to keep from crying. I have not actually cried about us not getting picked b/c I don't really have anything to cry about. I was not attached to "J" or her baby - just the thought of being a mom so soon was really exciting.

Everything happens for a reason. B and I plan to begin house hunting as soon as we find out if we can transfer or not. Therefore, God probably knows that it would be nice for us to be moved into our new house where we plan to set up a baby's room (since we have yet to do that in this house since we think we are moving in a few months). It just wasn't meant to be for various reasons. No sad tears in our house tonight *sniff sniff ;-)

Thank you to everyone who's been praying for us to have a family. Keep your prayers coming b/c God is so very close to answering them!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Waiting and waiting and waiting

Before I get to what's not happening in the baby process, I just wanted to write a quick paragraph about Vegas. B and I had sooo much fun. Our hotel was great (Flamingo) and soooo glad we decided to upgrade to the nicer room!! We had a gorgous view of the Bellagio and Paris! The Cirque de Sole show - Mystere was AMAZING!!!! The Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon were good day trips. Overall, we had the ultimate Vegas experience!! Thank you!!

OK. On to non-baby news...It's been over two weeks that we found out "J" wanted to see our profile book. We haven't heard a lick!!! While we were gone to Vegas, B and I talked about it and how excited we were to finally get our book out. We were distracted with vacationing. We got home and knew there hadn't been enough time for a decision to be made, and I was still chill about the situation.

Spring Break came and went, and I went back to work. I was driving myself bonkers on Monday and Tuesday!! I was checking my phone about ever 10 minutes when normally I don't even keep my phone out. I was checking my email everytime I checked my phone. I was beyond obsessed with hoping for an answer from "J."

I've said from the beginning that I don't really care if she doesn't pick us b/c our book will go out again. Our baby will be out there eventually. By today (Friday), I only checked my phone and email about 5 times. Thank goodness our CW will be back from vacation on Monday. I don't really feel comfortable contacting a CW I don't know. I did email the temporary CW one day to make sure she knew that we wanted to know either way. She assured me she would notify me as soon as she found anything out.

The more I think about it I realize that "J" probably didn't get the profile books until 4-7 days after we were contacted. It's possible she's only had the books for a week which is not really that long for her to have them without a decision. It just seems so long to me b/c we've known since Thursday two weeks ago!

I'm trying not to worry about it b/c this may not be our baby. I keep daydreaming about the phone call I'll get from the CW to say we've been chosen. Then I remind  myself to chill out and to not get my hopes up. Of course, I have hope, lots of hope, but I'm not keep all of my eggs in one basket. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby Registry Drama!!

My goodness there is WAY too much baby stuff out there!!! Even though we still have no idea if we are going to be chosen by "J," I figured we better go ahead and put some things on a registry. If "J" chooses us, she'll be due May 15 which would not leave us much time to get things together. I put the due date as July 1 b/c I don't want to assume she's picking us and b/c I can change it with the click of a few buttons! I was doing fine while we were in Vegas and not really dwelling on if we were gonna get picked or not. Now, I'm driving myself nuts b/c we are almost going on two weeks! OK back to baby registry stuff...

My in-laws told me a while back that they had a lot of American Express points and wanted us to use them to get baby stuff. I emailed MIL to let her know I finally decided on the Graco Snugride 32 in Zurich. Then, MIL wrote back to say there were still lots of points left and to pick out something else. I was torn b/t the matching stroller or matching pack 'n play. I decided on the pack 'n play. Then MIL wrote back again to say there were still points left b/c apparently AmEx was giving discounts on the points required to purchase rewards. Yah for us! I also asked for the Fisher Price Soothing Rainforest something-or-other and Diaper Genie II Elite. I didn't plan to register for the DG b/c it seemed like such a luxury item and not a necessity. I'm glad she suggested it. Wal-Mart's website shows a demo video of the DG which made me really excited about it.

Friday afternoon I decided to venture to Target on my own with a list of suggested registry stuff. I spent an hour there and got the basics - bottles, pacifiers, spoons, bowls. Nothing eventful happened, but I was concerned about registering there b/c of friend comments on Facebook. Apparently, Target has a very strict and limited return policy. Several people were discouraging me from registering there, but I don't have a Babies 'R Us nearby. I know, I know. I can register online. However, not EVERYBODY likes to shop online or register solely online.  I really wanted to register for things that were at the store and not just available online.

Anywho...Now for the DRAMA!!

Saturday I talked my mom into coming with me to Wal-Mart to register for other stuff. First of all, the bee-otch at the jewelry counter was so wretched and hateful!!! Here's the conversation:

Me:Hi! I am needing to update my registry with you guys.
The Bee-otch: We only have 1 scanner, and it's already out.
Me: OK. What do I need to do when it becomes available?
The B: You need to go to the machine and type in your name and (mumble...mumble) [I have no idea what she said. I just tried to guess.]
Me: OK. Thanks.

A few minutes later...

Me: So, can you call me when the other person returns the scanner?
The B: She just took it. I don't know when it's gonna be returned.
Me: OK. So like can you put my name on a piece of paper and call me over the intercom b/c I have other stuff I need to do here at Wal-Mart. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.
The B: If that's what you want to do.
Me: Yes. That's what I want to do (wretched woman)!!!!

About 45-50 min later, mom and I end up in the baby section and spot the girl with the one and only scanner! I stalk her back to the jewelry counter as she turns in it. They call my name, and I approach the wretched woman.

(in her normal rude voice) The B: Yes??
Me: Uh, I'm Kristi.
The B: Oh yeah. I forgot. Scan the actual item not the barcode on the front. Scan the actual item. If you want more than one of something, scan it again.
Me: (Whatever lady.) OK. Thanks.

You do NOT have to scan the actual item and there is a + and - by the quantity for a reason!! DUH!! I wanted to give her a lesson in how to register. I finally registered for everything else I needed and headed back to the unfortunate presence of the jewelry county lady. I went ahead and hit the QUIT button b/c that's what you do at Target when you are finished.

Me: I hit the Quit button. Is that right?
The B: Uh, no! But I guess it's OK.
Me: Well...OK. Thanks.

Ugh!! Thank God that experience was over!!!!!!! That lady should not be dealing with customers. My mom had to deal with the SAME woman back in October when my mom was just trying to get a watch battery changed. That's a whole different post!! She was a total B then, and she's still a total B today!! Any of you had horrible experiences with rude workers??

One great thing did come of the Wal-Mart registry. My mommy bought me a glider and matching ottoman!! Can't wait to put it together!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paintings all done!

My mom claims that she never got an email from me about this blog. I have proof in my Sent box that shows I did include her back in JUNE to let everyone know about my blog.

 Anywho, she has only seen the giraffe painting I did. I wanted her to see the other two. I'm posting all 3 just for you Mommy Dearest!

Me and my mom have this running joke about that movie Mommy Dearest. We used to watch it all the time when I was little. When I went to college (1999-2004), we would email each other as Mommy Dearest or Kristina Darling. We still do, which is really funny. We make the emails really formal as if we were the characters from the movie. It's silly, but we enjoy it :-)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adoption Update!!!

I got a call from the CW last Thursday. She let me know that "J" saw our on-line profile and was interested in seeing our profile book!! "J" also wanted to see another couple's book as well. CW also let me know the agency would be sending other profile books of families that had been waiting the longest. Hearing that the agency was sending other books besides the ones "J" asked for made my heart sink immediately :-( However, we are SOOOOO excited to have been hand-selected by "J" from the website!! Did I mention "J" is due May 15????? EEEEEEEEK! CW did tell us "J" is really wanting a stay-at-home mom. We are a very young couple and looking to buy a home in a few months, so being a SAHM is not much of an option. I am a teacher with long holidays and summers off!! It's the next best thing, and B is off two days during the week. He will be a part-time SAHD :-) Hopefully "J" is not basing her decision on that factor alone. Pray that "J" will make the right decision for her baby whether it is us or not. (Keep your fingers crossed for us though!)