Saturday, February 13, 2010

Las Vegas here we come!

Brandt and I have been wanting to take a big trip for spring break for a while. We really wanted to go skiing with friends, but it was just too expensive. Although, by the time we get back from Vegas, I think we will have spent the same amount of money. Our skiing friends decided to book a trip to Cancun. We didn't want to go there b/c we want to go to Cabo this summer for our five year wedding anniversary. One of my whole reasons for wanting to go to Vegas is to see the shows! Today I finally booked our shows to Cirque du Soleil's Mystere and V: The Ultimate Variety Show. We also have plans to visit the History Channel's Pawn Stars pawn shop. Brandt thinks he might want to do a Hoover Dam tour so now I'm looking into that. We are really looking forward to it but wish we were going with other couple. I did find out that my teacher friend and her husband will be coming into Vegas the day before we leave. Hopefully they will come to the V show with us. We are taking this Vegas trip just in case we don't get to take our Cabo trip b/c of baby - which would not be a terrible reason to skip the anniversary trip.

Adoption friends Lauren and Travis are really enjoying their new baby. They were able to pick up Caroline on Tuesday in the DFW area and take her home to Louisiana. She's precious! Congrats to them again!!

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