Friday, February 26, 2010

Day for Women Review

So last Saturday Temple Daily Telegram (TDT) hosted their annual Day for Women at the Mayborn Center in Temple, Texas. I met up with my mom, Granny, sister-in-law, and family friend Karen. What a disappointment compared to last year (except Kayne)!!! There were only about 1/2 the amount of vendors and 1/2 the amount of patrons! The luncheon food (extra $10 on top of the $10 entrance fee) was really good but the portions were sample size!! I left starving!! My mom wrote TDT a not-so-nice email to let them know how disappointed we were with the event compared to previous years.

Not everything was disappointing-thank goodness! Project Runway's Johnathan Kayne spoke at the fashion show and showed some of his formal wear line. He was fabulous!! He has a great story, and his collection is beautiful and affordable! I'm so glad I got to meet him and ask him questions.

TDT did very little advertising for the Day for Women. They could have had a HUGE turn out if they had marketed themselves - Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. The only place I ever saw it advertised was on the back of the Arts and Leisure pull-out of the Sunday paper. They had Kayne from Season 3 of Project Runway there!! Project Runway gets tons of viewers. There should have been tons of people there waiting to meet him and see his collection. Kayne was my favorite designer from his season. I guess I'm a little partial to him.

Unless the event has a big-name person next year, I don't plan on going. What an overall disappointment!


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