Saturday, October 3, 2009

Surprise party for MIL!

B and I few to New Orleans Friday morning b/c B's dad was throwing B's mom a surprise b-day party. My MIL (mother-in-law) and I have been talking on the phone almost everyday for the last 2 weeks b/c of all the adoption and family updates. It's been so hard not to accidentally spill the beans. Everyone kept the party a surprise, even Grandpa! MIL came in the restaurant thinking she was walking in on a party for someone else. Her sister had to tell her the party was in her honor. B and I were hiding in the back, so she was extra surprised we stepped out. She couldn't quit crying and was in shock most of the night b/c FIL had NEVER kept a secret from her before. We had a blast and enjoyed hearing stories from each family member about MIL. We have to fly back home this evening. Normally we only get to come to NO, LA at X-mas. It was great to eat some great seafood, visit Grandpa, and see the family on our whirlwind trip.

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