Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1 month till approved!

Application - check
FBI fingerprinting - check
25% of app fee paid - check
Home study - check
Office interview - check
100% approved - pending!

The office interview was not that scary. My in-laws had prepared us for the kinds of questions they would ask. The agency also provided a short list of questions to study. They did separate us for part of the interview. That was slightly nerve wracking. We showed Jennifer (our case worker) our profile book. She LOVED!!! it! Yah!! I spent about 7-8 hours total working on it.

The profile book is a book about us as a couple and as individuals. It has pictures of our wedding, home, friends, family, vacations, and activities we enjoy. It also includes a letter to a potential birth parent about why we want to adopt and why we feel we will be great parents. (Basically, we have to sell ourselves to birth parents through this book.)

I'm glad to say all the hard work is behind us. However, the emotional roller coaster is only just beginning. So many ifs...Thank you again for your support through this process. I just don't feel like I can say it enough times!! We love all of you!!!


  1. So glad that Monday went great! I bet your profile book was awesome--I would've loved to have seen it! I'll continue to pray for you and Brandt to meet "Baby Bernstein"!!! We love you both!

  2. I bet you can't wait for a month to pass! I'm glad that Monday went great :)