Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Application Update Info!!

Jennifer is our office interview lady. We meet with her Oct 12 at 9am - early afternoon. What a long interview!!

Kristin is the case worker that will be with us until we get our baby. She's probably coming to our house for the homestudy Oct 7!!! EEEEEEE We have major cleaning to do!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for us.


  1. are you gonna set up a crib or need to stage anything for a baby? If so, you are welcome to use Logan's sports themed crib bedding and borrow anything else you might need...just let me know! So excited for you!!

  2. Yeah!!!! Good luck with the home visit & interview!!! We are praying for you and Brandt & can't wait to meet our niece or nephew!

  3. Kristi, good luck with the home study! Don't stage anything - just be yourselves. You don't need to have a room ready, you don't have to stock up your fridge... Just clean up - that's always nice when you have visits coming over, even social workers. ;o) Relax and take it easy. Be honest. Don't lie, don't hide anything. It will be intense... Nothing invades your privacy more than a home study, and you'll probably think it's totally unfair to go through this, but after you're home study approved, things will start happening. You'll be paper pregnant!

  4. Yippee! Our fingers are crossed!