Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our House

I'm trying to plan ahead by taking some pictures of the outside of our house for the scrapbook we will have to turn in to the agency. I waited for a day that the harvested corn husks (from the field behind our house) were not making our yard look completely trashy. If you click on the pics to enlarge, the trash looking stuff is actually shredded corn husks :-) I was also waiting for a day that the clouds were looking really awesome! As a photographer, I could not just take any ordinary pictures on any ordinary day. The sun and the clouds had to be just right! I can't do anything to enhance the house, so I'll just enhance the pic with cool and pretty clouds!

Our house is 3bed/2bath and already too small for the two of us! My husband's job requires us to live in this specific county. We hope to be transferred by next Feb-May to a more metropolitan area (where we will buy a house and have restaurants and grocery stores out the wazoo). If we don't get to transfer in 2010, we will have to stay put and try again for a transfer in 2011 :-(

Featured here is the front of our house, our front yard and fenced-in back yard area. We also have a big side yard area that can sort of been seen in the first pic.

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  1. Making the family profile? Nice pics! I love nature. I look at those fields and I feel like running free, like there's no tomorrow...