Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bone Scan

I finally went in for a bone scan today. I was supposed to have it done in April but completely forgot about the appointment till three days later. The clinic didn't call to remind me, and it wasn't at a place I usually see a doctor. A bone scan is a high tech x-ray machine that can see the density of one's bones. Because I'm going through early menopause, there's a chance I may have suffered some bone loss. I was able to peek at the image results, and they looked fine to me. What do I know :-) The doc should call me tomorrow to let me know the results. Before I went in for the scan, I had to fill out a sheet of paperwork. Only old ladies are supposed to get bone scans, I had to answer questions about osteoporosis and when did I start menopause. It wasn't too painful to answer, but I had put it past me already. It did burst my bubble a little...

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