Friday, July 10, 2009

Bone Scan RESULTS & Agency Update

I was told by x-ray tech that the Dr.'s office would call me. Of course that didn't happen. I called and left a message this morning. The nurse just called and said everything is perfectly normal!!! Yah!!! No new meds to take. I'm so relieved. Now, I just need to go to the store and get some Calcium+Vitamin D! Shew!!

Agency Update - They are supposed to be sending an information packet about orientation and some other things. Been patiently waiting since last week for it. If I don't get anything by Saturday, I'm emailing them my questions!

Out of all the info packets I've received from other agencies, it looks like we have to take pictures of the outside of our house. I hate this, because this is a house we are just renting until we decide where we want to live permanently. The house looks really small, and the fenced-in yard area is very small. Don't want to be judged by a birthmom that our house is too small. A silly worry I know, but it's still in the back of my mind.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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