Friday, July 24, 2009

Being Productive

My chiropractor has commissioned me to do a piece for his office. I was eager to accept (two months ago). I put it off all summer thinking it would only take me a couple of days. I'm now seven hours into the project and about half way done. I told him I would have it finished by the end of July. Thank goodness I started this week!!

Wednesday - spent 1 hr drawing the outline
Thursday - spent 3 hrs painting and realized I have not painted in about 4 or 5 years!! It was way harder than I remember!
Friday - have spent 3 1/2 hrs painting thus far...still plan to paint a few more hours

I feel very productive, since I haven't done crap all summer. My hubby gets frustrated b/c I lay on the couch all day. I can't help it I have the best job in the world that allows me to have 2 1/2 months off!!

Let me know what you guys think so far (remember-it's not finished yet)!!

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