Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family Photo Time

Brandt and I had our serious discussion this weekend. After I told him about the painful and thick progesterone shots, he felt adoption was also the best choice for us. I reminded him that from the beginning we said that we didn't want me on hormone shots.

The hard part now is finding a good agency. We are definitely going with the Edna Gladney Center in the DFW area. It's the same place my in-laws adopted Brandt. There's an agency in Houston we are looking into as well as in San Antonio.

Most agencies need you to supply a recent family photo. I realized we didn't have a good picture of just us (where we aren't being silly or wearing sunglasses). I got us all dressed up and put us in the front yard. I'd say the results were not too shabby!

The adoption process is pretty lengthy. Most agencies have you do a preliminary application. If you pass that step, then you get the real application which is probably about 30 pages and requires a lot of references and letters of recommendation. We will also have to have a Home Study completed by a social worker. After all of that, you sit and wait to find out if your application is accepted. If you are accepted, then you are guaranteed a baby. Then you sit and wait some more till they match you with a baby. We are looking at a two-year process here!! :-( I guess it's a good thing we are starting now! Maybe I'll get a baby for my 30th birthday!! Gosh that seems so far away. Don't go anywhere, folks! Sit back and enjoy the ride. It's going to be a dizzy winding road to get our baby!!

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