Friday, June 26, 2009


I've been struggling now for two weeks on which decision is the right decision for us. Since Brandt and I are split on which path to take, everyone keeps saying pray about it. I've been praying and praying with no clarity.

I got the opportunity to spend some time with my in-laws on Monday and Tuesday. Brandt and I have always been pretty close with them. I've known them almost as long as I've known Brandt. I got to meet them when Brandt and I were "just friends" and not exclusively dating. We go way back. I had talked with them about Brandt's adoption right after we were married, since Brandt never cared to share about it (and I never asked). I figured if he wanted to talk about it he would. My impression was that he never even thought about his adoption. The boy thinks he's Cajun b/c his parents are from New Orleans :-) His parents think the same thing as me - he just forgets he's adopted. Gilbert and Tonnette are his parents as far as he is concerned. Anywho, back to Monday...we played catch-up on a few things, and I finally brought up the big pink elephant in the room. I told them that I just had no idea what we were going to do about making a decision b/c we are split. My in-laws started telling me more in depth info about the place they adopted Brandt from - Edna Gladney. They had told me a few things several years back, but now they were telling me more important and specific information. Right away I knew that's the route I wanted to go for sure. The Gladney Center for Adoption in Fort Worth, TX is a home for unwed mothers. I had no idea! They take care of the moms, provide schooling/take them to school (not sure which), make sure they are taking care of prenatal things, etc. That really warmed my heart and made the decision so clear. The application process is pretty lengthy, but once you are in - you're in! I have not been able to share my excitement with Brandt, b/c he's still out of town. I tried bringing it up in a phone conversation, but he said he wanted to wait. I'm anxiously awaiting his arrival today!!

I also found a woman's blog called My POF Journey about her IVF w/egg donor experience. The progesterone shots she had to take were painful and thick like peanut butter - gross! She said her butt was all lumpy from them - NO THANKS! The one thing Brandt and I don't want me to have to do is take all the hormone shots. That was the icing on the cake that adoption is the right choice for me. Her IVF ended in success (barely), but it's not a guarantee at all. I have to see what Brandt's reasons are for wanting to do the IVF. Hopefully by next week we will take the first step in which ever route is our final decision. Keep your fingers crossed and pray, pray, pray for us!

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