Thursday, June 25, 2009

2nd Opinion

So going to the herbalist didn't do much except get me to spot a little and maybe make my body a little healthier, and my OBGYN was a complete jerk. He was completely insensitive every time I talked to him. My sister-in-law had heard about a local fertility specialist who was working miracles. I finally made an appointment, because I just could not go back to my regular OBGYN. Unfortunately, he gave the same sad news I had already heard about not being able to use my own eggs, but he put it in such a way that made me feel better. He was very understanding and explained things we didn't completely understand from the other doc.

New things we learned:
1. IVF w/egg donor has about an 80% success rate (although my research shows that's not the case in ever clinic)
2. Women begin with 7 million eggs inside their mothers' wombs. When we are actually born, we only have 1 million. When we begin our periods, we only have about 300,000 eggs. It is at this point that our bodies begin to put the breaks on the huge dumping of eggs, and we only actually end up releasing 400-500 eggs in our lifetime.
3. Apparently, my body never put the breaks on the dumping of eggs :-( Stupid body!
4. Because my FSH (follicle stimulating hormone-determines how many eggs a woman has) is ridiculously high (245 in January-normal is around 10-12), the new doc says my body is trying really, really hard to try to get any follicles that might still be in my body. Thus, I don't want to be on birth control - so quit asking me that docs!
5. I have a 5% chance of still producing that one last follicle that might still be there, so why on earth would I get back on birth control???? The new doc finally understood why I don't want to be on BC right now. I eventually will though b/c it contains more estrogen that estrogen HRT (hormone replacement therapy) pills.

Now, we are stuck deciding if we want to adopt or if we want to try to find an egg donor and do IVF (in vitro fertilization).

I've been wanting to look into adoption since we got our bad news the first time around in January. Now that the new doctor gave us more info about the IVF thing, Brandt seems to leaning more towards that decision. I would rather pay all the money we're going to pay and have a sure thing (adoption) instead of paying a lot of money for a maybe (IVF w/egg donor).

Decisions, decisions...

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  1. Wow, that is a rough decision. I'm sure you've probably done this already, but maybe try writing a pros/cons list of the 2 to compare them. Start by you doing one and Brandt doing one, then comparing the two. I don't really know a lot about this, but have seen some stuff about egg retrieval after trying to stimulate them with that out of the question? I can't even imagine how much this is all going to cost. I know that has to be a factor too. Hugs!